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"Professional Skills" Workshop

Tech literacy, maths software, LaTeX, CAS …

Welcome! This is the homepage of the Professional Skills workshop, aimed at mathematics postgraduate researchers to help them develop the technical skills they feel like they never had the opportunity to spend time learning.

This workshop in a pilot as part of the GLAMS experiment, but the target audience is not limited to algebraists (except possibly a couple sessions). Some of the sessions will also double up as an IT prep for the LEAN workshop (in particular: version control and maybe devcontainers). If interested, make sure to check the launch warning announcement.

Ever …

As busy people, we often find a way round these problems to get the job done, move on, tell ourselves we'll learn how to deal with things properly next time, and forget. This workshop is an opportunity to spend some time learning how/what can be done with tech, see showcases of how others have incorporated tech into their research, and get some hands-on time to experiment.

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