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Workshop 1 - Terminals and Shells

Slides: ppt

Notes (superset of presentation): markdown

Exercises: repo

Not joined the discord but want to? Ask for link.

Want to really get good at Bash or powershell? Try out the corresponding tracks on exercism (there's also a track awk, a complementary tool if using Bash a lot). LinkedIn Learning also has relevant courses with exercises (UoE have free access).

For other computer literacy, this playlist on youtube may also be useful: Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You

This first session was all trying out the things which shells allow you to do.

In 2 weeks: Git (probably part 1/n)

What to expect: Git knowledge is necessary for the Lean course, but is occasionally used to manage LaTeX projects. Or maybe you're looking at developing some non-academic skills. Some Git is good to know.

  • Heard of, but never used Git?
  • Comfortable with Git but haven't done much other than add, commit, push/pull?
  • Had to use Git but don't really see any benefit?

Then I probably have something for you. Get ready for contrived version control nightmares (as well as introductory examples) in the workshop exercises that will make you feel the power.